Energy Glazing

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TRUTH: Energy glazing is the strongest ally in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) because the production of 1m2, emitted 25kg, while its use saves 91 kg lifetime.

TRUTH: The use of energy glazing dramatically reduces the cost of heating oil, natural gas and electricity, while it reduces the requirements for high efficiency boilers and high – powered air conditioners.

TRUTH: The use of energy glazing minimizes chromatic aberrations of furniture, fabrics and wooden floors and protects the occupants from harmful UV rays.

TRUTH: Taking into consideration the easy of replacement of the panes, the low cost and the inversely proportional energy savings, anyone can easily led to the conclusion that the more direct, simpler and efficient intervention that can be done to a building in order to upgrade energy is to replace the panes with the latest generation of modern ones.


MYTH: There is only one type of energy glazing. In fact, there is a huge variety which can meet with any special requirement.

MYTH: There are other products that are more efficient in energy savings than energy glazing. In fact, the acquisition cost of 1 m2 of energy glazing makes damping in 2 – 3 years as it saves up to 300kWh per year.

MYTH: Every new cutting edge technology reaches to consumers in an unbearable amount that only few can enjoy. In this case, this is not true.

MYTH: Any double glazing is energy. In fact the difference in energy of a true energy glazing and a common doubled glazed unit, may exceed the 200%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

NOT TRUE: Last generation double glazing have life limit. In fact, they have no life limits and require absolutely no special maintenance beyond the typical cleaning like all glasses.

NOT TRUE: It is a product which integrates the global cutting edge technology in the field of energy saving and can be mounted and installed by anyone. In fact, the only person who can handle such products are the members of the Panhellenic Federation Merchants and Crafts of Glazing, who guarantee the correct application of such a sophisticated product.



 THE AFFORDABLE OPTION:  The proposed glazing, mild performance and economic cost, is the solution for houses with relatively small openings where the main concern is to improve the efficiency, in areas where the air conditioning needs are minimized (mountainous areas above an altitude of 500m, northerly orientations, etc.). The amortization of the cost of that type of glazing is 4 – 5 years. Heat transfer coefficient: 1.95 watt/m2 * Co (+/-5%). Light permeability coefficient: more than 60%. Solar factor: less than 65%.

THE INTERMEDIATE OPTIONThe proposed glazing is the average solution with satisfying results during summer and winter too. It help in saving resources both heating and cooling periods. The amortization of the cost of that type of glazing is 3 to 4 years. Heat transfer coefficient: 1.75 watt/m2*Co(+/-5%). Light permeability coefficient: more than 60%. Solar factor: less than 55%.

THE BEST CHOICE: The proposed glazing is of cutting edge technology and perform high energy saving in cold and warm climates. At the same time, it decreases the energy lighting needs, while the ideal energy performance attaches in cases of large exposures of any orientation without compromising on comfort. The amortization of cost of that type of glazing is 2 to 3 years. Heat transfer coefficient: 1.4 watt/m2*Co(+/-5%). Light permeability coefficient: more than 65%. Solar factor: less than 55%.


DETERMINATION OF NECESSARY CERTIFICATES: In order to ensure consumers and Ministry of abusers and, in order to make sure the success of the project in real terms, with respect to energy saving, then, according to federation, the following documents should be presented:

  • Invoice from installer / process.or with detailed description of glazing composition
  • Certificate of technical specification of manufacturing plant glazing based on EN410.
  • Affirmation of the installer / processor that the glass invoiced coincide with what is mentioned in the certificate specifications.
  • Copy of certificate of conformity of the installer / processor based on “CE”.
  • Copy of certificate of federation certifying the active member.


DEFINING OF SECURITY LEVEL: With the unique opportunity to replace glass, the Ministry should include in the eligible pane a minimum safety level (which is mandatory in most countries of the EE). This is easily achieved by replacing 1 of the 2 panes with an anti-traumatic (safety), with the additional cost of (around) 25A/m2. The addition of this term will substantially upgrade the quality safety of consumers, given that today, the majority of the domestic accidents are due to breaking glass. (During 1999’s earthquake, 4 of 5 injuries came from shatter glass).