Windbreak ANEMOS

Windbreak System “Anemos”

  • Entirely aluminum system.
  • Produced and placed in 2 rows (fixed and sliding, which can combined).
  • Available in different heights and widths, depending on customer’s needs.
  • Available in fixed, transportable and mobile stand and trailer (on a wall, ledge, etc.)
  • System’s assembly can be done with inox screws M8.
  • Foundations are consisting of 5mm galvanized, solid laser cutter bar tread and of 3mm galvanized hollow beam on the vertical.
  • Metallic paint with choice of any RAL. In coastal areas choose special paint from 16 different anodizing.
  • Glazing: on top of the system are placed 5mm thick glass transparent, safety with the possibility to choose between 6 cutting patterns on top. At the bottom of the system, panes of 4 mm thickness, transparent, safety are installed. At the bottom, there is, also, the possibility of placement, apart from glass, insulation material sheet aluminum or plexiglas. The glass can be opaque, colored, patterned or engraving
  • It supports opening door with lock and handle.
  • One of the most powerful systems in mechanical strength in European market. The vertical components are of equal strength with a bar forks and the horizontal is 3 times more powerful than a bent 50×50.
  • 5 years guarantee. No maintenance is needed and they are resistant to time and all weather conditions.
  • This product is exclusively our construction and production and it is exported.